Volunteer / Student Placement Policy

We recognise that the quality and variety of work, which goes on in The Playbox, makes it an ideal place for students on placement from school and college childcare courses.

Equally we appreciate regular volunteer help and the commitment and support of unpaid helpers.

Students & volunteers are welcomed into The Playbox on the following conditions:

– They must have obtained a DBS Enhanced Disclosure and abide by our code of conduct.

– The needs of the children are paramount. Volunteers & students will not be admitted in numbers which

   hinder the essential work of the group.

– Any information gained by the students or volunteers about the children, families or other adults in the

  group must remain confidential and all students & volunteers will be made aware of our Confidentiality


– All adults regularly attending the Playbox will fill out a Personal details form, signed & dated.

– All Playbox policies and procedures will be made available.

– Basic safeguarding training will be given to all students and volunteers.

– Students & volunteers will not have unrestricted access to the children.   

– All students & volunteers will be under supervision from the staff at all times and they will advise and

  support them as necessary.

– Students placement must be arranged and confirmed by their tutor.

– Students required to conduct child studies will obtain written permission from the parents of the child to

  be studied.

– We reserve the right to ask tutors to remove students if we find their placement unsatisfactory.

This policy was reviewed & updated at a meeting of The Playbox committee held on 25th January 2023

 Signed Chairperson:   Jane Sharp

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