Social Networking Policy

As part of the Every Child Matters agenda set out by the government, The Education Act 2002, The Childcare Act 2006 it is our duty at Playbox to ensure that the children are protected from potential harm both within and beyond the pre-school’s environment.

Social networking sites have emerged as a method of communication amongst adults and young people, having private and public space to engage with other users. However this opens a gateway to a number of associated risks that must be addressed.

Therefore staff members, committee members, students and volunteers must ensure that the information published does not breach our Playbox Confidentiality Policy as it is signed by all.

  •  Playbox is committed to delivering a high quality service which is accountable and maintains public confidence.
  • Playbox will not accept or condone any behaviour by staff or other adults associated with the setting
  • that is contrary to our aims and objectives, policies and procedures.

Social networking outside of work hours, on non-pre-school equipment is permitted but all staff, committee members, students and volunteers must be aware of the possible implications of being involved in social networking being;-

– Personal details are never shared with children’s parents/carers such as private e-mail addresses telephone numbers or home address, unless a member of staff has a specific need and prior permission has been given by the supervisor.

– Privacy settings are activated to prevent public from making contact on personal profiles, turning off   public visibility in search results

– Staff should not engage in personal online contact with children’s parents/carers outside of authorised systems such as establishment email account for parent partnership purposes, unless prior permission has been given by the supervisor.

  • Staff should ensure full privacy settings are in place to prevent access to photo albums or personal
  • information.

– Staff are advised against accepting invites from parents/carers to ensure a professional relationship  remains and confidentiality and children’s safety is not compromised

This policy was reviewed & updated at a meeting of The Playbox committee held on 9th May 2023

Signed Chairperson:    Jane Sharp

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