Snow Policy

In the event of bad weather Playbox will consider a number of circumstances but will endeavour to remain open whenever possible:

  • The safety of the staff ,parents/carers and children
  • Ensure the entrances and exits are clear of snow and ice
  • If the road access to the hall is clear
  •  Ensure sufficient staff can get to work in order to maintain the correct ratios of staff to children
  • If conditions worsen during the day the decision to close earlier will be made by the setting Manager.

If it is considered appropriate to close taking account of these circumstances

  • Staff will contact parents by phone , messages or email if we are closed
  • Put closures due to weather notice on the website
  • Signs to be put on the entrance informing anyone who comes to the setting of the details of the closure
  • There will be no refunds for closures as this would only happen in extreme and unavoidable conditions.

  Contact with all parents will be made when we are to re-open

If despite the snow it is considered safe to remain open children should be sent in suitable cold weather clothing so the learning opportunities  that snow play  can offer can be incorporated.

This policy was reviewed and updated at a meeting of The Playbox Management Committee held on 31st January 2024

Signed Chairperson :     Jane Sharp

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