Snow Policy

In the event of snow or bad weather Playbox will consider:

– The temperature in the hall,

 Temperatures in school classrooms should therefore be at least 18oC (64.4oF). The   Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992,  .

– In the event of the heating system not working we will close the setting until        repaired.

– If the road access to the hall is clear.

– We will put out details on the website.

– Consider if sufficient staff can get to the setting.

– Staff will contact all parents/carers of children due in that day by phone where possible or email.

– We will contact parents to inform them that we have re-opened.

– A sign will be put up on the door informing anyone who comes to the setting the details of closure.

– Ensure that the driveway is safe for access to the setting.

This policy was adopted at a meeting of The Playbox committee held on 5th February 2019

This policy was reviewed by email & signed by the chairperson on the 22nd October  2020

Signed Chairperson:    Jane Sharp

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