Partnership with Parents Policy

Parents / carers are the first educators of their young children.

We recognise their role in a child’s development and education and aim to work in partnership with them in the following ways:

  • Parents / carers and children are welcome to visit the provision prior to booking a place.
  • A date will be arranged for parents / carers and children to visit for a session the term before they start attending, when the supervisor will be available to discuss necessary issues on a personal basis.
  • Details of our management structure will be made available; including the role parents can play. Regular committee meetings enable us to monitor and respond to parental views.
  • Parents / carers will be asked to complete a registration form.
  • All child records will be available to the parents / carers of that child.
  • Permission will be obtained for observations, photographs, outings and Data Protection issues.
  • All parents will receive an information pack including activities, fees, and curriculum information and information how to find policies on the website.  A hard copy is always available in setting.
  • We will communicate and inform parents / carers through a variety of mediums, including the website, email, newsletter, notice board, parents evenings etc.
  • Staff will be available to discuss with parents / carers any issues about their child’s welfare before or after each session or at other times subject to prior arrangement.
  • Parents / carers have the opportunity to be actively involved during The Playbox sessions encouraging them to contribute their own skills, knowledge and interests.

This policy was reviewed & updated at a meeting of The Playbox committee held on 25th  January 2023

    Signed  Chairperson:   Jane Sharp

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