Outdoor Policy

                                  Outdoor Policy


The Playbox aims to provide a safe and stimulating learning environment in our outside area, providing opportunities to enhance physical, cognitive, social and emotional learning.

In order to accomplish this we will endeavour to:

  • Support and extend the children’s interests in the outside area.
  • Encourage children to contribute to the maintenance of the area (planting, watering).
  • Encourage self management of safe risks in children’s learning and development.
  • Support the children to observe the natural environment.
  • Provide resources for the development of gross and fine motor skills.
  • Model caring for the living things that share the outside area.

Regular daily checks are made to maintain a safe and secure environment in accordance with our daily checklist.

Each child will wear suitable clothing for different weather conditions.

This policy was reviewed & updated at a meeting of The Playbox committee held on 22nd  March 2023

Signed Chairperson:     Jane Sharp

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