Mobile Phone, Electronic Device and Camera Policy

We at Playbox accept that staff, volunteers and visitors may bring Mobile Phones or electronic devices into the setting. However in line with safeguarding best practice the following will apply:-

  • Staff and volunteers are not permitted to use any recording equipment on their mobile phones or smart watches , which must have all recording and internet access disabled before entering the setting
  • Staff are not permitted to use their personal mobile phones to make or receive calls or texts during working hours, unless a member of staff has a specific need and prior permission has been given by the supervisor.
  • Staff will be asked to leave their mobile phones in a secure area for safekeeping.
  • Visitors will be asked to leave their mobile phones in an appropriate container during their visit.
  • We recognise some visitors need to keep their mobile phones on them but will not be left unattended with the children.
  • Playbox has a Mobile phone which is used as contact between parents/carers or in an emergency.
  • Staff who bring personal mobile phones or electronic devices into the setting must ensure there is no inappropriate or illegal content on the device. The supervisor has the right to check the image content and if there is a cause for concern they may contact the local LADO (Local Area Designated Officer) immediately.


Photographs are taken for the purpose of recording children participating in activities or celebrating their achievements and is an effective method of observing children’s progress for their Learning Journeys. Photographs are taken and stored appropriately to safeguard children in our care.

  • Only the designated setting camera is to be used to take photographs within the setting or on outings, unless prior permission has been given by the supervisor.
  • Any photo taken must be deemed suitable without putting any child in a compromising position that may cause embarrassment or distress.
  • Images taken are downloaded as soon as possible and erased from any computer when they have been printed.
  • Cameras are not taken to toilet area. If photos are required of hand washing then prior permission must be sought from the manager and supervised while carrying out this activity. At all times the camera must be in full view.
  • Cameras and memory cards must be locked away at the end of each session.
  • Failure to adhere to this policy will lead to disciplinary action being taken.

This policy was reviewed and updated at a meeting of The Playbox committee held on 9th May 2023

Signed Chairperson:   Jane Sharp

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