Development plan 2023/24

Leadership and Management
Key IssueActionResponsibilityTime scaleEvaluation
Staff TrainingSupport staff with training in line with statutory requirements and priorities in the development plan.  Manager monitored by PMC as in monitoring planBy end of year 
Management Committee PMC Engagement with Playbox  PMC to continue targeted monitoring according to drawn up planned strategy to ensure quality care and education.Staff to be invited to attend part of committee meetings.1. PMC following the monitoring plan 2. PMC1. Termly     2. termly 
Support for staffTo ensure that all staff are supported through regular supervision1. Manager/ chair PMC  1. 2 x termly 
PoliciesCreate an up to date policy review timetable. All policies will be reviewed      annually/bi-annually or as required Review policies as in plan1. Chair of PMC 2. PMC/staff1. Sep 23   
Engagement with parents and the communityPMC members to introduce themselves to new parentsTo ask for parental opinion through       conversations and surveys Develop positive relationship with new church community worker.1. PMC   2. Staff team and PMC 3. PMC/staff1. Each term   2. As required 3. On going 
Personal Development and Welfare
Key IssueActionResponsibilityTime scaleEvaluation
SENDEnsure any child with special educational needs/disabilities has full access to the curriculum and support is requested from LA if required.Ensure parents of SEND child are being given support by Playbox.  Ensure staff are able to support any child who presents with social and emotional difficulties through appropriate training and resources.1. SENCO       2. SENCO/ manager 3. SENCO/ manager1. Termly       2, Termly   3. As required 
Equality, Diversity and British ValuesTo continue to strengthen resources and experiences that support children’s      understanding of, and respect for,      people families and communities beyond their own.1. All staff led by Manager monitored by PMC according to plan1. Over the year     
Well Being of children1. Parents supported to by staff, including financially, through one to one      conversations as appropriate. 2. Regular health and safety checks undertaken to ensure equipment inside and out is safe.   3. See also Safeguarding1. Manager     2. Manager monitored by PMC according to plan  1. As arising   2, At least termly 
Quality of Education
Key IssueActionResponsibilityTime scaleEvaluation
Creating and thinking criticallyEnsure all staff are supporting children to       develop their own ideas and develop strategies for doing things.1. Manager PMC through monitoring planOn going throughout the year 
Supporting and teaching 2 yr olds1.   Ensure all staff understand the developmental stages of 2 yr olds to enable them to support their learning and development. 2.   Presentation to PMC re working with 2 yr olds1. Manager     2. Staff member1.On going     2. Spring term 24 
Manage rearrangement of hall to ensure new under floor heating not compromised.1. Liaise with church property committee to allow climbing frame with mats to be used in small hall. 2. Draw up new plan for placing equipment. 3. To purchase a mats for gathering and play that are suitable for new heating system.1. Manager/committee representatives 2, Staff 3. Administrator1. September 2023   2, Autumn term 23 3. Autumn term 23 
To develop Physical Development in the settingTo ensure both gross and fine motor skills are planned for for all children.To investigate to use of a coach to bring new ideas for PETo continue to use and develop outside area for physical development1. Manager/PMC through monitoring plan 2. Manager   3. Manager PMC monitoring plan1.On going     2. Summer 24   3. Termly 
To develop all aspects of Speaking and listening (Sp and Lis)in all childrenContinue to develop  resources available to       encourage and engage all children with activities that develop Sp and Lis. Ensure all staff have a working knowledge of      Makaton to support younger and non-verbal       children. Access courses for staff to develop skills in       supporting across curriculum.1. Staff team     2. Manager and administrator1. Autumn term 23     2. Whole staff training 4/24 
Behaviour and Attitudes
Key IssueActionResponsibilityTime scaleEvaluation
Behaviour Policy1.  Use of supervisions to ensure all staff understand how to deal with behaviour and help children to self regulate.  1. Manager1. Termly 
Attitudes to learningChildren to be supported to try new       activities and show independence 2.   All children to be supported to follow instructions involving several ideas or actions. 3. Staff to develop active learning so children can concentrate and keep on trying if they encounter difficulties.1,2 & 3 All staff with support from manager  PMC through monitoring plan1. Each term 
Behaviour towards others1.   Children supported to interact with other children, make good friendships, co-operate and resolve conflicts1. All staff1. On going 
Lunch time and snack time    1.  Children supported to sit at the table and be involved according to Playbox      expectation. 2.  PMC to be aware through observation of the expectations placed on all the children.  1. All staff     2. PMC through monitoring plan1. On going     2. Termly 
Key IssueActionResponsibilityTime scaleEvaluation
Effective monitoring by PMC1. Schedule for monitoring is kept to with reports back to PMC at every meeting. 2.  Records kept of committee suitability 3. Policy reviewed annually1. 2. PMC safeguarding lead 3. Staff/PMC1. 2. Termly 
Staff to remain knowledgeable about safeguarding issues and  confident to talk about them1. Safeguarding discussed regularly    amongst staff team. 2. Staff to be tasked with researching aspects of safeguarding from time to time to feed back to colleagues.1. 2. Designated safeguarding lead1. 2. Termly 
Safeguarding lead to keep up to date through training and use of web sites1. Ensure designated safeguarding lead has access to training to keep her up to date with all aspects of safeguarding. 2. Safeguarding to to ensure that all staff are regularly updated following training. 3. Ensure all staff are trained every two years.1. Manager Administrator   2. Designated safeguarding lead 3. Administrator1. 2. Every two years and any new training     3. Summer term biannually 
Safer recruitment1. PMC to update policy and provide safer recruitment training for at least one member of interview panel when the need arises.  Chair PMC    As required       

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