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Operational procedures

            for outings


Outings or trips that take place during The Playbox session are always carefully planned and the safety of the children is paramount.

The Playbox will ensure that:

  • On outings or trips the adult to child ratio will be at least 1:2
  • If a small group goes out, there will be sufficient adults to maintain appropriate ratios for staff and children remaining on the premises
  • Parents will be provided with details of outing at an earlier date
  • Prior written parental permission will be obtained
  • Only reputable transport companies will be used
  • Maximum seating will not be exceeded on coaches/buses
  • Only coaches/buses fitted with seat belts will be hired
  • A prior visit will take place to assess any potential risk en-route or at the venue
  • Essential records, such as contact details for staff and children, will be taken
  • First aid, spare clothing, plastic bag etc will always be available
  • All adults and children will be covered by our insurance company
  • Staff will always have access to a mobile phone and will have completed a risk assessment to ensure access to a phone signal.
  • Parents and helpers will be given details and information prior to the trip to ensure events run smoothly.

This policy was reviewed & updated at a meeting of The Playbox committee held on 22nd  March 2023

Signed Chairperson:   Jane Sharp

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