Code of conduct for staff

Playbox is committed to building strong, positive relationships in order to provide a safe and welcoming environment for children and their families, as well as a harmonious working environment for staff, students and volunteers. In order to achieve this, all staff are required to adhere to the following code of conduct., Students and volunteers will also be expected to respect this code of conduct.

  • Staff must conduct themselves at all times in a professional, courteous , helpful, §warm and consistent  manner
  • Staff should be punctual and advise as early as possible of any absence
  • Staff must display a knowledge and understanding of safeguarding
  • Staff must display a commitment to treating all children as individuals and with equal concern and respect
  • Staff must have a regard for wearing appropriate clothes and shoes when working with children paying regard to health and safety issues
  • Personal mobile phones may not be used during working hours
  • Family members and friends should not visit staff during working hours
  • Comments or information pertaining to the setting or any staff, child or parent connected with the setting must not be placed on social networking sites
  • Staff must be continually aware of their conduct and behaviour outside the setting as may have a negative reflection on the childcare setting
  • Under no circumstance should any arguments or disagreements between members of staff occur in the presence of children or parents/carers
  • No smoking, alcohol or drug abuse is permitted on the settings premise
  • No bullying, swearing, harassment or victimisation will be permitted on the premises
  • Offensive behaviour such as sexist or racist language or harassment will not be tolerated
  • All staff are expected to treat everyone respectfully at all times
  • Behaviour deemed to be inappropriate may lead to disciplinary action


This must be respected by

  • Not discussing individual incidents, behaviour or information about children in front of parents/carers or other children
  • Not discussing confidential matters about children with other parents/carers
  • Not discussing confidential matters about Parents/carers with other parents/carers
  • Not discussing confidential information about other staff members, students or volunteers

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