Child Observation Policy

We at The Playbox are committed to ensuring that the developmental needs of the children are met and through observation we aim to check their progress on a regular basis.

In order to accomplish this:

– We will observe children within our group in order to provide the best care and provision.

– Children will be observed on a regular basis to enable us to encourage all round progress in their


– Parents will be invited to share in our observations of their own children.

– Observing the individual children will take place in the strictest confidence and the information

  shared only with the parent/carer of that child.

– Children shall not be intimidated by observation and care and respect will be shown at all times.

– We will continue to evaluate our provision through on going observation, to ensure all of the individual

  needs of the children are accommodated.

This policy was reviewed & updated at a meeting of The Playbox committee held on 3rd July 2024

Signed  Chairperson :     Jane Sharp

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